Five Unique Uses For Photo Postcards

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Photo postcards are typically printed on a 14 point thick card stock with either a glossy or matte finish. They are custom printed in a variety of sizes from a typical 4″x6″ size to something more unusual such as a 6″x11″ postcard. They are both fun to create and a joy to receive. Below are some inspirational ideas for your next custom photo postcard.

1. Every year your child turns another year older, capture and share the moment with a photo taken on or around their birthday. Don’t let the time slip away without the ever important photograph.

2. Share a favorite recipe by creating a recipe card. You have the best coconut cream pie and everyone is always asking you for the recipe. Take a photo of your pie and use it for one side of the postcard, the other side can display the list of ingredients and baking instructions.

3. Show off your home remodeling project. Many weekends have been spent remodeling the basement. Sure, you can have your local friends and neighbors over to check out your hard work, but what about those who aren’t nearby? Reveal the success story to them by sending out a photo of your work along with a personalized note on the back of the postcard.

4. Your award winning garden. Okay, so maybe your garden will never be featured in a magazine or a newspaper, but you have worked all summer long to grow the perfect Chrysanthemum and the most amazing Blue Violets. Take some photos, select the best ones and create a collage of the photos for your postcard. If you have a quality camera, close up shots of flowers can be absolutely stunning.

5. Recently engaged? Spread the news by creating a photo postcard. Use a classy or cute photo of you and your significant other. You can include information about the engagement on the reverse side.

Creating photo postcards is fun. The postcards can be used for anything from announcements to recipe cards. Get creative! You can also have ‘mini-postcards’ that achieve a similar affect when you place your design and concept onto printed business cards. Business cards aren’t just for sharing contact information in the business world. Postcards and business cards can be easily designed online using an online printing service.

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