Five Suggestions For Good Places To Give Away Promotional Items

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If you’re only just starting to consider adding promotional items to your advertising budget, you may be wondering where the best places are from which to launch your promotional campaigns. While the most common place to give away promotional items is the trade show, it is only but one of many venues.


Annually, the college age demographic buys large quantities of consumer goods and services. Tapping into this vibrant market is essential to any business that wants to increase sales. For this reason, many businesses choose to set up booths in the common areas of college campuses to show off their products and services. Usually for a fee, or a donation to the college, campuses often allow vendors to conduct a mini bazaar of sorts on college grounds.


Malls are a natural place to set up a booth as people who come to malls are usually there to buy something already. Malls will allow vendors to come in and set up booths at least once a year. It is kind of a mini trade show, with no emphasis on any particular type of business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the most common place for vendors to give away promotional items. Trade shows occur numerous times a year in different locations and are places for businesses to show off their best merchandise or services.


Fairs are festive occasions and people there are already in a good mood. Like malls, most fairs will allow vendors to set up booths in the fair.


Conventions are like trade shows in that they concentrate in a type of business. Conventions usually happen once a year and it is at conventions that you should really go all out.

As you can see, almost any place you can think of that has a large circulation of walking traffic is a good place to set up shop and hand out giveaways to the passers by.

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