Five Solid Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

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Marketing has been an important part of business for as long as business has been around. No matter what you’re trying to sell, it’s crucially important to spread the word and develop a customer base.

There’s no easier way to run a business than to get your name out there. Name recognition is everything, but in order for a name to be recognized, you must reach a broad base even if you’re only catering to a niche market.

In today’s high-tech world, there are many advertising methods that are extremely effective. However, business owners are forced to pay high rates for many of these methods. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and in recent years, quite a few low-cost marketing strategies have been developed. Here are five of the best-working for Internet marketing purposes.

Top Five Marketing Methods

One: Article Marketing

There’s nothing overly fancy about this method at all. With article marketing, what you’re doing is inserting back links and various keywords into well-written, informative, reader-friendly text and entering the article(s) into many directories.

Much of this method is free and only consumes time enough to write the content, and if there’s a charge at all, it’s usually relatively small. Articles are a great way to market, and they tie directly into the number-two method.

Two: Social Networking

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and some other social sites have literally exploded in the past few years. Marketing via these types of sites leave a high probability of your business being noticed by someone.

Other social sites that are designed to be informative are even better. Sites like HubPages and Digg are great avenues for marketing, and both are free to use.

Three: Blogging

Whether you’re trying to market your online business or simply keeping up with the changing marketplace, owning a business-specific blog is something every business should do.

Blogs are free and there’s no limit to how creative you can be. You can post videos and music, links and so much more. You can keep it fun and friendly and, with some fresh and original content, drive traffic to your business.

Four: Go Gonzo!

These above mentioned methods will work for a live location or an online business. You can take full advantage of the Internets marketing ability if you have a live location, and vice versa.

You can market in the real world to drive business to your Internet site. Print up some flyers or cards and get to work. Hit phone polls, store windows, the windshields of parked cars, etc. This is an extremely low-cost method. All it involves is a little bit of legwork.

Five: Stand out in a Crowd

This isn’t a strategy like the rest, per se; but if you’re planning on using any of the aforementioned tactics to market, you should always remember to approach it fresh and creative. You want to stand out, and it doesn’t cost anything to employ your imagination. Maybe you can work up a colorful design or a catchy rhyme. The sky’s the limit here.

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