Five Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

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To outsource or not to outsource your marketing, is that the question?

Many companies already outsource part or all of their marketing function with partners that include advertising agencies, SEO specialists and strategic consultancies to add expertise in particular areas.

You may well have a good marketing team but there are good reasons to support them and, or consider outsourcing more of the functions. Here are five reasons that are worth thinking about:

1. Higher Quality Output – Look for an outsource team who have plenty of business experience and understand the commercial requirements of your business. Their objective will be to make sure your projects are successful as your success reflects very positively on them and will benefit them through a long term relationship with you and referrals from you. With this in mind you should get high quality experts who make sure you hit your business objectives.

2. Speed – Outsource departments do not get bogged down in company issues and they often charge by the hour or the day so they must justify the time they are spending against the outcomes they are achieving. This means you can expect them to complete a project much faster than an internal team.

3. Flexibility and Cost Saving – Your business objectives will change and it helps to have the flexibility to turn your outsource team on and off. You can bring them in for particular projects or negotiate the cost to retain them that works to your budget.

4. Someone else to answer to – Very often when a consultancy or outsource team comes in to run a project it adds a new dynamic to an organisation. Sometimes the internal motivation can be lacking but when a new team come in it can add extra energy and enthusiasm. Plus no one wants to lose face or look incapable so the work rate is increased.

5. New Ideas – When you’ve worked in a particular way for a while or you’ve been buried in running a business, sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Bringing in new people will bring new ideas. They may ask questions that you haven’t thought about and that will encourage fresh thinking. Often it’s the simple things that get left out that can make a difference and perhaps be turned into a new revenue stream.

By outsourcing your marketing you’ll reduce your costs, increase the level of expertise at your disposal and at the same time, you’ll bring in a new dynamic that will add zing to your marketing.

Written by Timothy Tavender Hoot Marketing Feb 2011 – Hoot offers strategic marketing Hampshire, London, Sussex and Dorset and works with ambitious businesses that want to grow and increase their revenue.

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