Finding Out About The Prospect In Advance – It Is Beneficial

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The more you know about an account in advance the better prepared you will be and the more confident. Always try to be armed with as much information as possible. Confidence is a big factor and it can be sensed by your customer. Needless to say I mean confidence not the appearance of a know it all. We can’t find everything out but there are ways to uncover important things that will be of benefit to you.

Some things to find out:

1 – What does the company do?
2 – The number of employees.
3 – Is it a local or national concern.
4 – Is the company growing?
5 – How is their credit.
6 – What do you have in your line that can help them.
7 – Who is the right person to contact?
8 – Are they hiring, laying off, running a late shift?
9 – Are they readying new construction?
10 – Look at their pamphlets, brochures, advertising in the media.

In some of these areas you may have to get the facts directly from the person or find out special requirements that can only be answered by the customer. Other than that if you learn enough in advance about the customer they will listen to you more readily and hold you in a higher regard.

You can get this information by asking someone or get it from other sources like:

1 – Salesman who called on the account previously.
2 – Present customers in the same business.
3 – Other salespeople and companies in related non competitive fields.

These are just some areas to touch upon. Think of as many more as you can and how to get the information. Information is power. It is a confidence builder.

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