Finding Elusive Qualified Sales Leads Through Pay Per Lead

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The problems arising from lead generation can impede companies from savoring success in business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Sometimes, after an all-out and toil-worn endeavor, the supposed-to-be bucket of qualified sales leads can turn out to be disappointingly prospects of low quality. After a program, an organization may have consumed a huge amount of resources and ended up with meager results. The question “Couldn’t this be made better?” remains unanswered.

Perhaps on one or more occasions, this same scenario happened to your company. Your sales team has done everything that could be done but the returns are dishearteningly paltry. You may have considered this as an affront to your sales and marketing capacity. However, there are many reasons as to why and how this happens. One thing is for certain, this series of unfortunate events can sink your sales performance and your company.

However, through the succor of outsourced telemarketing services, risks can be reduced if not totally eliminated. In the spirit of heightening effectiveness in B2B lead generation, this strategy can be both cost-efficient and effective. There has been no tool that can reach sales prospects in a few seconds and qualify them in record time, except with the help of the telephone. Its high percentage of response has elevated the status of telemarketing as the most powerful lead generation instrument.

I doubt there is a more effective, more accurate and quicker way other than using telemarketing as a primary medium for B2B lead generation. Qualified sales leads are very elusive. You just cannot put all your trust in email blasting or social media marketing and wait for responses to come by. The same is true with other direct marketing tools. The best thing to do is to initiate the move while assuring that the prospect immediately responds.

This marketing technique is made more compelling and efficient with buying leads on a pay per lead arrangement, also known as pay per appointment. With this payment model, the lead provider will supply you with your required sales leads fast. It uses the same proven methodologies in telemarketing but is more budget-friendly. This is a great solution small-and-medium firms or new companies are looking for in terms of reformatting their B2B lead generation tactics.

But, while pay per lead telemarketing can do wonders for your business, it also has its drawbacks. Come on, what marketing medium does not have a downside? This fee model is not so ideal if you are looking to generate a huge number of qualified sales leads at a given time. It can be quite expensive for you since you will be paying the lead provider per qualified appointments. With a more stringent qualifying process involved in pay per lead telemarketing programs, many firms put a premium on the cost of each pre-qualified business lead.

To sum it all up, pay per lead can be advantageous to your business if you want to obtain fresh and high-quality B2B leads. It can work for you if you play your cards right, weigh your options carefully and choose a worthy lead generation company.

Sarah Barnes is a telemarketing expert with 11 years experience as a sales leads analyst for small and medium companies. Sarah invites you to visit for more information on pre-qualified sales leads and appointments.

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