Feel Powerless To Maximize Trade Show ROI? Try These Two Key Ways – Gain Control At The Next Event

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No matter which convention events your business attends, chances are you’re operating with a heavy focus on one specific goal: to maximize trade show ROI at every function. It’s no secret that participating in industry conventions can come with a substantial price tag as well as drain internal resources and staff. Without a positive return on the overall investment, why attend?

How Can You Tell If Your Business Does Maximize Trade Show ROI?

While every business leader will agree that it’s imperative to maximize trade show ROI, many find themselves struggling to accurately gauge the exact results yielded from any function. Sure, there are some tangible, but vague, details that can easily be managed such as generated leads and approximate number of handouts distributed throughout the event. But when it comes to really honing in on exactly how many goals and objectives were met at a convention, the analytical waters tend to get a bit muddied.

Frustrated, many executives find themselves simply going through the motions and hoping for the best. Fortunately, business owners in any vertical do have two powerful resources at their disposal. Incorporating two critical methods can quickly help them take control over their preparation and execution efforts and ensure they are consistently doing their best to maximize trade show ROI at every convention.

Two Critical Tactics To Help Your Business Successfully Navigate Each Event

What is the first step every executive should take toward achieving optimal return on investment? Utilizing a professional resource for tradeshow booth staff training. Sure, you have a seasoned team of account executives generating revenue for your organization on a daily basis. However, manning exhibits at an industry convention is a unique experience that requires extensive, specific training. Your staff will face an onslaught of visitor traffic throughout the day with little to no insight on each guest’s particular needs and interests. Having your crew undergo tradeshow booth staff training will help give them the skills and tactics they’ll need to successfully leverage each conversation for maximum results. Throughout the training process, they’ll learn the art of tradeshow conversation that not only differentiates genuine interest from casual passersby, but also effectively drives the dialog to a lead or even a sale. If you’re currently not working with a vendor that specializes in tradeshow booth staff training, it needs to be put on the top of your to-do list, stat!

Secondly, in order to truly manage, modify and manipulate your overall event execution, your business needs to have a valid way to analyze metrics for trade shows. The inspection of data collected from events needs to run deep, far beyond the surface statistics most companies can compile on their own. Instead, team with a firm that offers various analytical resources that will help your organization fully understand its current metrics for trade shows. From conversion stats to determining which conventions yield the best overall results, implementing a viable tool for considering metrics for trade shows will give you real time input to tweak your existing plan and help your business proactively maximize trade show ROI in an entirely new way!

Tired of feeling powerless to maximize trade show ROI for your business? Marketech 360 can help. From trade show booth staff training to analyzing metrics for trade shows, Marketech 360 can help you take control of your convention results. Contact them today to hear more!

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