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Why learn SAP? SAP is one of the world’s largest software organisations and developer of the one of the most trusted and widely implemented business software systems. Over one hundred thousand (100,000) businesses worldwide use the software suite to manage their daily business transactions and activities. Even in today’s tough economic climate there is a shortage of skilled SAP consultants and finance staff in most countries. In some countries the shortage is critical and companies will advertise overseas for staff. So if you have any basic financial knowledge, have worked with the SAP software in your job or are a consultant for a competitor’s system you may want to consider learning SAP to further your career prospects. SAP staff and consultants find work more easily than people experienced with other products. Simply check the job vacancies in your city to confirm that there are plenty of employment opportunities for persons with SAP skills. And people with SAP skills are the highest paid in the industry.

If you are willing to travel, especially overseas, the opportunities are virtually endless. As SAP is a large and complex system, most trained consultants only work with one or two modules. The system is too large for one person to know everything. Also, SAP continuously updates their software with new releases which means that existing consultants and staff have to update their knowledge. So this means there is plenty of scope for people to learn and specialise in a particular module whether financial (FI), controlling (CO), human resource management (HR), materials management (MM), sales and distribution (SD), project system (PS) or business intelligence (BI) How to learn SAP? Many people think learning SAP will be a very difficult, time-consuming and expensive exercise. But it doesn’t have to be. SAP education is easy. If you attend formal SAP training courses you will spend a lot of money. Your time and efforts are much better spent learning from a home study course where you learn at your own pace. Also there are plenty of online forums to ask questions and read the questions and answers of others. The easiest SAP module to learn is FICO. There are actually two modules, the Finance module and Controlling module, which are joined together.

If you are not familiar with SAP the FICO module is the heart of the system and is implemented in every organization that uses the software. If you are going to learn SAP we recommend you start with the finance (fi) module first as the foundation to your SAP education. The other modules can be learned later when required. The easiest and least expensive way to learn SAP software is to purchase an online SAP training course with manuals and work through the software in your own time. You can purchase training manuals to teach yourself and then train other system users. Make sure the training course has step by step illustrated instructions to guide you through each function. When you are training others this makes your job so much easier. Also you can customise the manuals to the companies requirements rather than try to “re-invent the wheel” and create new procedure manuals.

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