Fantastic Viral Marketing Campaign That Will Put Your Business on the Map

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Want to make a name for yourself as a leader in your niche? Want to be known as the go-to person for your target market? Want to accomplish both those things while kick-starting a fantastic marketing campaign that will put your business on the map? Then it’s time to issue a press release.

Press releases have been around for as long as the news has been printed. Newspapers and magazines don’t just magically know when something newsworthy happens, they rely on press releases to tell them. And you can use press releases to let them – and the rest of the world – know about your upcoming product launch, and give it just the push it needs to start a viral stampede.

Here’s how it works: First, determine what’s newsworthy about your product. Did you develop a new way of doing something? A new design for an old favorite? Start a new business? Take over an old one? Nearly every launch can be turned into a valuable news story if you just put the right spin on the story, so spend some time thinking about what’s noteworthy about you and your business. If you’re struggling, you can hire a professional to write and even distribute your press release for a very reasonable fee.

Next, distribute your release to the top news release sites online. Most offer a free distribution package, but if you prefer, you can pay a fee for more prominent placement. The beauty of news releases is that there’s a high probability of being picked up by sites like Google News and other aggregators, which will have far-reaching effects on your marketing efforts, for very little cost!

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