Fair Trade Accessories Are A Big Hit For Retailers

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Clothing retailers understand as well as anyone how to deal with the trendy and fickle customer base. Just look at how the word “fashion” is synonymous with “trend” in our vernacular. So it is hardly surprising that clothing retailers tend to understand how to attract up-sales, or added purchases through fashion accessories. Look at successful merchandisers and how the various pieces of an outfit can seem to fall together as a shopper moves through the store. One of the latest ways to improve this phenomenon is through the inclusion of accessories such as fair trade scarves or jewelry near the check out area.

Choosing a location near the checkout area for fair trade scarves can serve various purposes. First of all, the checkout area is the domain of all levels of interest, from casual to more involved shoppers. In other words, you can possibly gather quick sales or impulse buys that are not part of larger purchases as well as provide a finish line for those who engage in a larger project of finding entire outfits.

Fair trade scarves make sense as a finishing touch for an outfit. They are classy, handmade expressions of style that can make a statement well beyond what their manageable price might suggest.

In fact, you might be safer with scarves if you want to dazzle for less cost if you had to choose between scarves or jewelry for this purpose. Jewelry is obviously judged with a steeper set of criteria than scarves. For better or worse, higher end jewelry is extremely costly, and might appear seemingly limitless in cost; while a very fine scarf is almost always below $100 or so, and most are far less expensive than that. This fact also contributes to the ease with which retailers can move scarves-they are simply affordable.

Fair trade scarves offer a deeper story than most of the mass-produced items available in clothing. This is a story of artisans who still make the items by hand, taking the ancient art of weaving to new levels. The fibers are all natural and the dyes are often natural herbs or at least low impact dyes. The ten principles of fair trade can be explained by sales staff, which is a superb reinforcement for the many reasons we might want to pay a little more for these items.

When retailers are looking at their stores with the bigger picture in mind they are likely to find value in certified fair trade wholesale scarves.

Joan Rasch enjoys writing articles for businesses who are interested in fair trade scarves clothing, jewelry, cards, and wholesale scarves in particular. Fair Trade products are a result of an organized social movement and market based approach that strives to assist people in developing countries improve trading conditions and promote sustainability.

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