Fabulous Five Toy Store Logo Designs – I Wish Trees Grew Money!

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Whether you are 6 years old or 60; there’s nothing better than a trip to a good toy store. In today’s competitive world, toy stores are more than just places where playthings are sold; they are also places where people just want to go look at things that they can never buy and have fun.

But one of the main factors that defines a toy stores and makes it distinct is their toy store logo. Let’s have a look at some famous toy store logo designs that makes us wish we had trees that grew money.

1. FAO Schwarz:

Established by Frederick August Otto Schwarz and his three brothers; this store is the most famous toy store in New York. Their emblem consists of the business name written in straight, black colored fonts over a white background and is underlined. The three letters FAO are separated with small dots. The small symbol that accompanies it is a small silhouette of a wooden rocking horse which is one of the oldest toys in the world. This silhouette contains a background of red color which makes it eye catching, playful and traditional.

2. The LEGO Store:

I doubt if there is any person in the world who does not recognize the Lego logo. Their trade mark sign has been associated with this company since its establishment. It consists of white colored thick fonts that are outlined with black and yellow and are placed on a red background.

3. Toys ‘R’ Us:

Not only does this store have themed sections but it also boasts an indoor 60 feet Ferris wheel. What more can a person want?

Their brand mark consists of the business name in thick and funky fonts that are multi colored. The letter R in the middle is inverted and contains a star in it. This image is created keeping the kids in minds and it is the perfect image that can represent a toy store.

4. Hamleys:

The first thing we think about when you look at this logo is magic!

Here, the corporation name in written in red colored crooked fonts and is adorned with small stars and a ribbon. The red color of fonts with the white background further makes the image eye catching. Overall, this emblem is imaginative, innovative and traditional.

5. Barbie Store:

This 6 story, pink colored store in China not only sells Barbie dolls but also accessories, fashion items and boasts a bar and a spa. Their doll and jewelry store logo consists of the company name in pink colored curvy fonts that has marked this corporation since its establishment. The emblem is classic and timeless and represents females who are playful, flirty and good natured.

So there you have some toy emblems that make us wish we had gold coins to swim in.

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