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I had an opportunity to visit with a close friend who let me sit in and learn his revolutionary time management philosophy. Although the methods are a bit extreme, there is no doubting the results. Below are my notes from my time spent with Capital Supply at their regional conference in Orlando last fall.

It’s early afternoon on day three of Capital Supply’s sales conference and CEO Dane Zimmerman is unveiling the start up’s latest innovation to a room full of sales reps while relieving himself on a stage toilet. The fifty-something CEO confidently flushes the toilet and glances at the bowl. “Another victory for Zimmerman!” shouting to the overly enthusiastic crowd.

Zimmerman urges employees to block out all distractions during the conference, including bathroom breaks.

Progressive companies like Capital, have made the proactive decision to eliminate (no pun intended) bathroom breaks with the Open Toilet Forum.

Open Toilet Forum, or OTF, encourages employees to relieve themselves at their discretion in front of the entire group, ensuring that they don’t miss a second of information. When you add up all the costs to fly in staff from across the country, hotels and meals, it makes perfect sense.

OTF may sounds a bit extreme (and insane), however research has shown that an alarming 3 hours of time is wasted on pointless bathroom breaks over a typical 3 day conference.

For some CEO’s, that extra time is being used for additional break out sessions so employees like Brenda can continue to drag on about how “rough” her territory has become. In today’s economic climate, the name of the game is do more work with less staff.

“At first our employees were highly skeptical of the idea, but once a few brave employees start openly going, the idea quickly spread. I think it really helped our team building skills and has done a nice job of humbling some of our more entitled sales representatives,” Zimmerman added.

“We offer our reps the best adult diapers and they are free to use any of the three open toilets in the conference room. Other companies talk about using time efficiently, but we live it.”

If you would like to make your next conference an OTF conference, simply tell your event planner how many toilets you would like and the specific ply of toilet paper. Additional ventilation is typically offered (at a huge mark up) and is highly recommended.

Guy Bellefonte is an expert in human emotion and tenderness. His experience in sales have made him a resentful and bitter man with a cynical view on the world. This cynicism has led to some of the best sarcastic sales articles ever written.

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