Exploring Multimedia In Trade Show Displays

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New and exciting multimedia features are always on the brink of development when it comes to trade show displays. Whether a company chooses to rent or purchase a custom banner stand or portable display, multimedia is a great tool to add value and glitz to an already prepared marketing plan. So what are the current multimedia options for a trade show display, and how can they plan an active role in a corporate marketing campaign?

Incorporating Images And Photographs Into A Trade Show Display

Photographs and images can send a powerful and exciting message to potential clients that are walking past a company’s portable display or banner stand. Whether these are photographs of a corporation’s employees and/or current management or the office out of which a company operates, this depicts a vision of a company’s brand and their talent. It has been stated that an individual is not only out to purchase a service or product, but also a team of individuals to back that very service or product as well. Buyers must feel confident that the purchases they make are secured by those presenting and/or selling them.

Displaying images of the actual products that are being sold is another great way to boost a marketing campaign. The average individual looks at, and decides whether or not to visit, a trade show display in a matter of six seconds. This may mean that the photographs will need to rotate or be flashed across a banner stand for a quick and full vision of a business and its ideas.

Utilizing Videos With Sound Effects Or Music

As important as it is to create an exhibit that is visually interesting and appealing for those attending the exhibition, it is also important to incorporate sound. Sound can capture the attention of a person who may not have noticed a company’s exhibit prior to hearing a song they recognize or words that grasped their attention. Using sound as well as sight makes for a stronger overall exhibit.

Some companies choose to incorporate video with sound, or video with sound effects in the background. With this, instead of using stable or static photographs, images are flashing or moving in scroll-like form to tell a story about the business, its services and/or its products.

Offering A Presentation That is Engaging For All Visitors

Multimedia is also currently being used to create interactive features for visitors to explore when perusing a company’s portable display. Features such as buttons that, when pushed, piece together a video or product discussion are quite popular. Also widely used are light systems that make noises or explain details of a product or service when they are stepped on or touched.

Each company must determine which multimedia outlets will work best for their particular campaign, but any and all that are used can increase the possibility of more overall sales and a better chance of success at a trade show event. Research trade show displays prior to the event to better understand which new multimedia features are being used with the highest rates of success.

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