Expert Advice on Email Marketing Strategies for Anyone Who Owns a Business

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The advantages of email marketing to your organisation are numerous. Compared to traditional methods of marketing, it is more time and cost effective. Working with a leading email marketing company from the UK, increased profits are celebrated by their customers.

Communicating with a large amount of clients in one action is easily done with email marketing. Numerous Hours are wasted sending out marketing campaigns through the post. Marketing through email allows you to set up mailing lists based on different marketing categories. On a second note a huge amount of money is saved not creating and printing marketing leaflets from paper and sending them through the post. Costs are also kept down because less man hours are needed to send campaigns over the internet than when they are sent through the post. Postage methods of marketing is also damaging to the environment due to the overuse of paper and fossil fuels. For this reason email marketing is also great for your businesses reputation as you can highlight the fact that you are an environmentally friendly company and you are doing your part for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Email marketing allows a company to be aware of who is reading their campaigns, which allows for future more effective business choices being made. Feedback is easily collected through email also. Online feedback questionnaires can be linked to in emails. This is an easier and more convenient way to receive feedback than getting the customer to post back a questionnaire and also doesn’t cost the customer anything.

Paper campaigns also can’t be as fun as their email counterparts. Flash animations and interactive buttons can be put in the email to make it more appealing to a customer. By saving money through email marketing, some money can be spent on incentives for people to open emails or respond to questionnaires. To help with the success of your campaign, a competition could be held for all the customers who answered the email. Marketing through email gives extra benefit to companies who sell goods from a website, allowing for 24 hour sales. People access emails at all hours of the day so if they see a product on sale at 6 in the morning, they can buy it there at then. They don’t have to wait for the shop or a phone line to open. Increased sales are enjoyed by businesses due to this.

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