Executive Search Tactics In Social Media Networking

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Over the last decade social media has blown up beyond anyone’s expectations, changing the way we connect with people and communicate all around, with hundreds of millions of people joiningsites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Now, finally, companies are beginning to take note of the invaluable opportunities for networking and candidate sourcing inherent in social media and are looking to tap into this vast pool of opportunities for their far reaching benefits in the conducting of executive search and hiring procedures.

The difficulty then becomes,among the millions of individuals out there, how can these companies make the best use of these systems to locate and identify the quality candidates they are looking for?Given Facebook’s vast population of roughly 400 million users, LinkedIn’s broad professional networking system, and Twitter’s microblogging/social network reach, companies will need to start by asking themselves which of these systems can benefit them best.

Making use of Facebook’s enormous user base, companies can make use of the site’s directory to seek out individuals and groups to friend and like, to begin building a wide network with limitless potential for expansion. First however, companies will need to start by creating their own profiles. These pages can allow the company to share information about themselves and their products and services, as well as posting job opportunities for anyone in the network to see. Companies can also make good use of the Facebook Marketplace to post job ads for free which can then be seen by a wide range of users. To better target certain groups of people with these job opportunities, companies can take advantage of the Facebook Ad platform to carefully specify what kinds of users they want to see their job ads.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is specifically designed for companies and professionals to build their networks. Here companies can pay to make use of job postings, and exclusive site tools. However, even without these paid for advantages, companies can still effectively use the sites free resources to build, develop, and expand their professional networks which can later be tapped for potential job candidates as the need arises. Here, like Facebook, companies can post job openings and information on their own pages for everyone to see, or send out messages to carefully selected members of their network to alert them to the opportunity. LinkedIn can also allow companies to browse through multiple tiers of the networks of their direct connections using specific search parameters to locate valuable individuals to connect with.

Like these other sites, Twitter allows companies to build expansive networks and connections. This is done by using carefully chosen keywords to search out companies and individuals that they may want to connect with, and “following” them, in hopes that they will follow the company in return. Here, job openings and basic information can be sent out using the sites limited 140 character system, but these messages can be made to standout through the use of hash tags coupled with relevant keywords to make these messages searchable.

Whether through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, for those companies looking to add a new and versatile new tool to their networking techniques, these sites are the answer. Even professional recruiting teams and executive search firms have begun tapping into the vast candidate sourcing potential represented by social media networking, and it is past time that companies began taking advantage of these opportunities for themselves.

” Maurice Gilbert founded Conselium in 2001 and serves as the Managing Partner. Conselium is an Executive Search Firm that offers a more personalized executive search solution for companies in search of Compliance, Regulatory Counsel and Audit professionals. For more information please email Maurice at maurice@conselium.com or visit the website at http://www.conselium.com “

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