Executive Search Firms Look at Employee Retention Through Effective Management

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No one enjoys having to go through the hiring process; though a necessary activity it is still a drain on company resources, and one which can be avoided if managers would only commit to implementing successful employee retention tactics. To aid companies in these efforts, executive search firms have taken a hard look at this subject and turned up these key habits of effective managers which result in successful employee retention.

For starters, employers should stay in touch with their employees as well as keeping an ear to the ground for any rumblings which may be warning signs of instances of employee dissatisfaction. If managers remain attentive enough they can often detect early sign of agitation and unrest in their personnel. When an employee begins asking for further responsibilities or training, it is usually then safe to assume that this individual is asking due to a sense of discontent. Other signs that employees may be less than satisfied in their positions and considering jumping ship can be seen in individuals who seem disconnected or have shown a marked difference in their working habits and behavior. All of these factors are issues that managers should be able to catch by paying close attention to their employees’ behavior and activities.

While in smaller organizations it can be possible for managers to keep closer tabs on their employees and be able to tell when things are changing, as companies grow and expand this can be next to impossible for some. Therefore it is important that not only top managers, but those on all levels, as well as team leaders, be trained to each carefully monitor their personnel for signs that individuals may be becoming disenfranchised in their role and considering leaving.

Key to the success of these previous points is the need for managers to have previously developed relationships with their employees. Knowing what an individual is thinking means first knowing how they think. Therefore managers and team leaders will need to begin setting aside the necessary time to start getting to know each of their employees on a more personal level, in a one on one basis. This can be as simple a matter as taking a few minutes now and then to sit down and talk with these individuals in order to come to know who they are, what they want, and what they are thinking. This practice can also be useful in making employees feel as though they are an acknowledged and important to the organization.

Finally, building on the previous point, managers should seek gain an understanding of their employees’ goals and ambitions.In most companies, the organization spends a good deal of time telling its personnel about the company’s goals and what their roles are in helping the company to achieve these objectives. On the other hand, not nearly enough time is spent on finding out what it is that the employee wants. Here managers should seek to learn what it is that motivates and drives their employees, what goals and dreams inspires them, and work as best they can with those individuals to help them achieve those goals.

However, despite the best employee retention strategies, companies will inevitably one day find themselves forced to carry out executive search and hiring procedures. With that in mind, managers should begin planning and strategizing now for how they will handle these matters when the time comes.

” Maurice Gilbert founded Conselium in 2001 and serves as the Managing Partner. Conselium is an Executive Search Firm that offers a more personalized executive search solution for companies in search of Compliance, Regulatory Counsel and Audit professionals. For more information please email Maurice at maurice@conselium.com or visit the website at http://www.conselium.com “

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