Executive Search Firm Tips: More Effective Hiring Tactics

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When it comes to the hiring process, far too many employers and hiring managers believe that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the hiring process. The older of these individuals have a greater tendency to rely heavily on their gut instinct when it comes to hiring. This is because they have been doing this job for years and years and simply believe they have mastered the technique of hiring. Many younger people fulfilling these roles either have a tendency to be too headstrong in their abilities to the point that they make mistakes but on the other hand, though, they can be so nervous that they drag the process out unnecessarily, which causes problems. Everyone tends to make mistakes throughout the process and that is the point here. Old or young, experienced or inexperienced, everyone has a tendency to make the same old errors that that could be easily avoided and recent studies have revealed this to be truth of the matter. Here are a few tips on the issue, outlined by the pros of the hiring business, executive search firms, in hopes helping companies and managers improve their recruiting and hiring practices.

Employers need to know where to start to begin with. Hiring should not be on a case to case basis as the need arises, nor should it be a last minute, off the cuff process. On the contrary, in order to ensure that they can do so with equal effectiveness every time, those doing the hiring should sit down and take the time to plan ahead, to work out the best methods and practices they want to use when conducting the procedures. From putting together a job description to candidate sourcing, and from the interview process to making the offer, here employers should begin by outlining each step of each process that must be undertaken.

Next, if companies hope to attract the candidates that they really want, they will need to become more competitive in their hiring process. There are now far greater under qualified candidates than there are good ones, given the flooding of the candidate pool do to the problems seen in the economy over the last several years. Companies vying to get the high quality candidates before the competition can snatch them up has put a great strain on companies to improve their efforts. This means that companies will have to raise compensation rates and improve benefit programs to entice candidates if they hope to be more competitive against these other companies. It is still an issue that many companies tend to overlook the importance of, while it may seem a fairly obvious point to make.

Finally, companies will first need to find those candidates by beefing up their executive search and candidate sourcing procedures before they can begin to attract these quality candidates with their compensation and benefits programs. Developing more complex and far reaching professional networks of their own to reach out to when an opening comes around is where employers will need to begin attracting these candidates.

Above all, employers will need to remember that hiring process is not something to rely solely on gut instinct and spur of the moment tactics or to be taken lightly and carried out on a whim. More hiring tips can be found in the second half of this article, to continue in the vein of improving these efforts.

Maurice Gilbert founded Conselium in 2001 and serves as the Managing Partner. Conselium is an Executive Search Firm that offers a more personalized executive search solution for companies in search of Compliance, Regulatory Counsel and Audit professionals. For more information please email Maurice at maurice@conselium.com or visit the website at http://www.conselium.com

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