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There are different examples of commercial printing products that you’ll be able to encounter in your daily life. You will see huge billboards while driving to work. In school, students can be able to read flyers and leaflets. People will also see different types of advertising paraphernalia in stores and malls. These print products serve different purposes and they are essential in the various fields of society.

Brochures and Flyers

The common examples of commercial printing products are advertising and promotion paraphernalia. They include brochures, leaflets and flyers. They are printed in small sizes of paper and the message written on them are short and concise. If they are for promotions, they usually just indicate the name of the products or services and their corresponding rates or prices. The kind of paper used for these print materials depends on their purpose. If they are for promotions, the glossy papers are often used. In the field of medicine, if there is new technology or new medicine discovered, they are introduced to the public through flyers and leaflets. These small print items are very important in conveying essential information to different people.

Billboard Ads and Tarpaulins

Various advertising companies rely on huge billboards to promote their products. This is a very effective promotion method because plenty of people will be able to access the information especially if these billboards are situated in busy areas where a lot of people go to frequently. Billboards and tarpaulins are examples of commercial printing products which are made in bigger sizes. The size of the raw images should also be large so that it will still be clear and vivid when it is already printed by the printing machines. It’s important that the images and texts are laid out correctly so that the final product will look visually appealing.

Interior Decoration

In the field of architecture and interior design, commercial printing has another important purpose. The process is used to make interior wall decorations or wall accents. A certain image can be printed on a durable wall material so that it can be installed to the bare walls of houses or office buildings. The design depends on the proposal of the interior designer and architect. There is a new technology today that allow tiles to be printed with various designs. Since advanced computers and software are used, everything is possible. You can have your walls and ceilings printed with any design you want.

Print Publication

The most widely used commercial printing items are the books and magazines. Of course, these items have been around for so many years. They have been printed using various methods, some traditional while others are modern. The quality of the prints that you see in books and magazines today are really quite impressive. Modern computer software has sophisticated editing methods that make the prints very attractive and polished.

These excellent examples of commercial printing products are very useful in different industries. The technology of printing texts and images are continually being developed by experts.

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