Examples and Responsibilities for Health and Safety Plans

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What a Health and Safety Plan Example Looks Like

Any health and safety plan example would almost always include, first, the complete address of the work where the health and safety plan is being made for. It also includes the name of the person to whom the plan is prepared for and the person who prepared the same, the date, and the code identifying the project, i.e., is a project number or its equivalent. This plan also includes the names and the signatures of those who created the plan, the people who will approve it and the date when it was signed.

The table of contents of this plan must reflect the part introducing the whole plan, the information regarding the site and the scope of work, the body that will be in charge of the project health and safety, programs to ensure health and safety, assessment of risk in the workplace, safety requirements for each specific activity to be undertaken, protection gear to be required, site control, plan for an emergency response, etc. If there are data analyses, these should be attached after the body. Tables must also be after the text, which should be included in the appendix.

A health and safety plan example will show that a plan should be properly paged and footnoted, if necessary. Normally, a plan would have running heads showing the title of the paper on one side the title of the plan on the other. And at the bottom part is the page number and the date. This plan should be created with all the proper method of writing being considered and applied.

Responsibilities of a Health and Safety Plan Template Contractor

Before a work begins, a health and safety plan template contractor is charged with submitting a template of how to address the health safety of all the people involved in a project.

The template of this plan should include the contractor’s name and his detailed information. The details should include the address of the contractor, the person who will represent him, the description of the contract, the place where the work is located, the officers who will be legally responsible for everything, and the date when the work will start and when it will end. It should also include the contractor’s safety and contingency policy and management plans. The contractor should also charge itself with responsibilities and liabilities in case something wrong happens. The activities that will take place must also be stated in details.

The health and safety plan template contractor must impress the importance of securing and protecting the people involved in the work. This should have the greatest weight in terms of priorities. The contractor is supposed to be in charge of managing the risk so that it will be at the lowest level and that in case of failure, damage or injury, he has a contingency plan and that he will take responsibility thereof.

The contractor must also provide detailed procedures when faced with an emergency situation. He must not only take into consideration the health and safety of the people involved in the work but also of the general public. The public should not be harmed at all.

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