ePrescribing Poses Opportunities for Pharma Sales Organizations

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ePrescribing is a practice that is growing more and more in the pharmaceutical industry these days. This process takes all of the useful functions of Internet and electronic communication that we use everyday, and applies it to the process of doctors writing out and filling prescriptions. However, there are many in the big pharma industry that are averse to eprescribing becoming any bigger than it already is. However, if these companies got on board with the process, there could be a great deal of opportunity for those companies.

First and foremost, a big pharma company that got behind electronic prescriptions would be noticed and approved of because it would be showing support where other companies are fighting the future. This would win big public relations points by making that company look forward-thinking, only concerned for the health and well-being of the patients of the world rather than with corporate profits. This is a kind of publicity that simply can’t be bought.

Secondly, the goal of electronic prescriptions is to give the doctors more control over the information they have, and to make the prescription process simpler and more streamlined. It’s also out to fix errors, such as misunderstandings in a doctor’s handwriting as to what medicine is being prescribed and in what dosages. This can also be a great opportunity to be seen as the company that wants to keep customers safe and to get them the right medicine. Both of these can really help any company’s image.

However, there is more opportunity than just camera time. If a company wants to really make some additional profit then getting into the process early on can allow a given pharma company to provide drugs and services to doctors using electronic prescriptions. If other companies simply refuse to accept them, well then you’ll be able to get all of that business that no one else will take. Whether it’s for generics or a particular drug, a cornered market is a cornered market wherever you go. Additionally, while advertising to doctors will be lessened, doctors that know your company works with electronic prescriptions will be more inclined to contact you first, rather than a competitor that’s been keeping clear of the electronic process. It puts you in a great position to make sales, become a unique source of information to doctors and healthcare providers, and in the end to increase your company’s standings and profits.

e-Prescribing is changing rapidly due to new regulations and technologies; find out more on our web sites.

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