Emphasising Marketing for Business Success

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The need for emphasising marketing is unquestionable in this modern competitive market-driven world. It is notable that appropriate marketing activities are lagging behind in Bangladesh. It is often said industries leads to shut-down because of the inability of the marketing department. So this is very important for every industry, to aspire for prospect, grabbing the market share. But some of the top executives understand marketing as door-to-door campaign and advertisements in the media only.

Actually marketing is more than that. If we see at our neighbouring countries, they are penetrating the world-market using marketing as a tool. They talk smartly, they communicate effectively, and their negotiating power is enviable. As a result, they are selling out thousands of goods/commodities to the foreign countries. Compared to that, we are concentrating on only few items like garments, jute and frozen foods.

Against this backdrop, if we consider the definition of the marketing, we will see that there are lots of scopes for marketing to work. A popular definition of marketing is: “the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.”

So this is a wide area to cover. It involves the whole process of the organisation from operations to policies to the customer services. Marketing is how you answer the phones: How your sales people present themselves and how your car looks out on the road. How clean your premises are. Because, there are absolutely no sense in advertising and promotional works when your employees are harsh to answer any query from your prospective customers. Grooming of the sales team is equally important. What they are wearing, how they meet and greet, what personality they are posing — everything matters. These need continuous training and motivation to reach at the excellence.

We can raise some examples here. At Disney theme parks, they consider cleaning up the park as marketing. And at McDonalds, they also go to the extra effort to ensure their grounds are clean as soon as any customer enters into the premises. I have noticed a foreign bank operating in Bangladesh gives enormous attention to its clients. In this bank, as soon as you enter its premises, someone will greet you and ask what services’ you want. Then you will be escorted to the customer services booth from where they will provide you all sorts of services from one desk. They will not let you go from booth to booth for different services. It is understandable that they have trained their officials to serve all possible services from each desk.

Therefore, it is a tough job – making sure your systems are set up to handle inquiries and keep your customers happy… ensuring you train your staff to handle customers properly… and doing everything you can to ensure a positive customer experience. But the key is to be aware that marketing is not just about advertising – it’s about the entire customer experience.

Shafiqul I Chowdhury is a business writer based in Bangladesh. Read more articles.. http://www.money-mat.com/

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