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With the worldwide information drive regarding ecological friendly items such as eco-friendly totes, paper, and all other items, we also have eco-friendly Embroidered Polo Shirts. So why are they considered eco-friendly then? Here are the materials used for eco-friendly polo shirts:

  • Bamboo. The fabric is acquired through bamboo charcoal technology. It is a breathable fabric, which makes it resistant from development of body odour. Bamboo fabrics have antimicrobial properties and are also resistant to UV rays.
  • Recycled polyester blend. It is made of recycled fabric, so it lessens the need to produce a new one and lessens the use of resources and emission of pollution. This material is resistant to rain and wind.
  • Organic cotton. This generally has the same qualities of ordinary cotton. The only difference though is that this organic cotton is grown without any chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Manure is used to fertilise it and crop rotation is used for its soil renewal process. Similar to ordinary cotton, they are also highly absorbent and hypoallergenic. The good news is that they are washable and easily dries when using a washing and drying machine. This is ideal for Embroidered Polo Shirts.
  • Modal. This is from native beech wood that does not require chemical fertiliSers and pesticides to cultivate them. They are comfortable as shirts since it is able to regulate heat. It is a highly absorbent material and is resistant to shrinkage.

Why Use Embroidery for Promo Polo Shirts?

Since we are tackling Embroidered Polo Shirts, we might as well include some pieces of facts regarding embroidery.

  • Fine embroidery. The more stitches used, the finer the embroidery will be. This is why they are priced according to the number of stitches made, since the outcome varies depending on the number of stitches embroidered.
  • Different threads can be used. Normally, satin is used as the primary embroidering thread even with the rise of digital embroidery. However, you also have options like threads with metallic sheen and threads that glow in the dark.
  • Doesn’t take long to make. Unlike before when embroidery was a tedious work and required manual labor of stitching on a cloth, is no longer exhausting today. The computer technology has invaded embroidery, which makes it a faster and easier process through digital embroidery. So the production of Embroidered Polo Shirts is not that much of a job.
  • Pricing. Embroidery is priced according to the number of stitches done. It doesn’t matter if they are made up of a multitude of colours. What matters though is the size and the details of the embroidery.

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