Eliminating Objections to the Sale

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When preparing ads and Sales letters we focus on what makes customers buy, but do we give enough thought to what makes a potential customer not want to buy? Why is this important? Because it is a known fact that there is a large percentage of potential buyers who get right up to the point of buying an item and suddenly “get cold feet ” and do not buy. This should make us think about the factors that put people off buying. Here are a few points and how to counter them.

• Price
• Procrastination
• Trust
• How you present it Hard sell vs. soft sell

Price is the single largest factor for your potential customer. Price too high and your customer will buy elsewhere, too low and your product will loose its worth in your buyer’s eyes. How to strike a happy medium? You can achieve this by:

1. Price comparison
2. Price testing
3. Deciding on the right pricing for your product

Price comparison with competitors is a good way to gauge the exact price, needed for optimum selling.

You can test your price in 2 ways. If you have a list take a survey. Another way is to have an introductory price based on your price comparison findings, and see how many are buying. Then go up in price and see if there is a significant drop in sales, or whether they stay the same. Sometimes you will find a rise in sales, as the perceived value of your product will go up. The amount of money your market has to spend will also be a factor.

Based on your findings you can decide on the best price for your market. When you do this it will eliminate a lot of potential customers objecting to the price. Procrastination: many people put off decisions, especially when they have to spend money. That is why your sales page should contain some time clauses. For example “this low price will not last” “Supplies limited” “Only x amount left” You have seen these examples in every good sales letter you have ever read. This does work and will eliminate many of the procrastinators.

Trust: An important element in every sales page. It is critical to generate trust in your reader. One way to do this is to put a personal touch, be careful not to be familiar. This will “break the ice” with your potential buyer and make them more inclined to buy. Make sure your benefits come across as real and truthful. An iron clad guarantee, goes a long way to build trust. When people trust you they are not so likely to back away from the sale.

How you present it Hard sell vs. soft sell, presentation has a lot to do with a sale. People do not like to be sold to. They want to feel the decision is theirs. Make your Sales pitch subtle with a firm call to action. Soft sell will sell more than hard sell. If a buyer feels that he is in control and he is making the decision to buy he will be far less likely to change his mind at the point of sale. Another important selling point is the actual presentation of your sales letter. People will be far more inclined to buy and not have second thoughts if you make your sales letter look professional.

These are a few points to help you overcome your potential buyers objections to sale. You need to look at every sale through your buyers eyes and you can gain more sales and less people having second thoughts.

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