Effective Tips to Craft a Beauty Shop Logo for Your Salon

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In the recent years there has been a massive increase in the number of salons and spas in the city. That is because awareness of self grooming is rising.

Because of the intense competition in the field it is important that your salon’s branding strategies are competitive.

The most common and successful branding strategy for a salon or a spa is creation of a beauty shop logo that will stop the viewers right in their tracks and make them walk right into your shop.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before creating a brand mark for your beauty salon.

• Use pretty images:

Use images that are pleasing to the eye and are related to your business. Here, you can use an image of a delicate flower to create an aura of tranquility or you can use craft a silhouette of a woman looking in the mirror to depict beauty and vanity. You can also use creatures like a butterfly or the mythical nymph with your salon name to create an impression of beauty and attractiveness.

• Use curvy fonts:

For a salon, the image that you want to portray should be one of imagination and creativity. Curvy fonts are most suited for that job. Straight fonts have the tendency to look formal and professional which can be intimidating for the viewers. Scripted fonts look chic and sophisticated along with looking traditional and

• Use feminine and soothing colors:

Because you are creating an emblem for a salon, it is important that the colors that you will use in your symbol will complement femininity. These colors will make the salon relatable to the female customers. For example you can use colors like light green, purple, pink and ivory. Learn the hidden meaning behind the colors before you use them in your designs because different colors have a different effect on the moods and decisions of people. For example, green is a soothing color that represents tranquility and spirituality while purple represents passion and royalty. You can also use dark colors like red and black but make sure that the design is not too overwhelming to be appealing.

• Make sure that there is only one central focus of the image:

There is nothing more irritating than a complicated custom shop logo. The most successful of the emblems are those that the customers are able to understand in less than 30 seconds. That is why it is important that there should be only one central focus in your business symbol.

In conclusion, if you are crafting a brand mark for a salon, make sure that you create an image that depicts luxury and pampering. For that you should use colors that are feminine and attractive and fonts that encourage imagination and innovation. Also use images that are pleasing to the eye.

Bobby Sherman is a logo designer working at professional logo design firm. For more information,find her at beauty shop logo.

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