Effective Haunted House Radio Advertising

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The season for planning an amazing haunt is upon us! Although, that season truly starts on November 1st of every year, that glorious day after the closing of the current years haunt. The days are drawing closer. The dreams of long lines filled with paying customers to wander through you haunt are getting bigger. Now would be a good time to think about how you will be marketing your haunt this year.

Lets face it, the marketing budget is not as big as you wish it would be. That means that every penny that gets poured into advertising your haunted attraction needs to count. You need to find the best ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. What medium will do that for you? What has been the “go to” medium for years in the haunted house industry? The answer: Radio. It’s not just because people “like it” either.It reaches more people than any other medium for the money you have to put into it. Bottom line, you will reach more people with a well placed radio commercial for your haunted house than you will on any other medium.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t advertise on other mediums, but if you had to choose the one that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, or only have the funds to do one medium of advertising, haunted house radio commercials are the way to go.

Just having the air time alone will not be enough though. You will need a haunted house radio commercial that drives the people to your haunt. The best thing you can do is invest in a professional haunted house radio ad from a production company and not just get the “free” commercial production from the radio station. By going with a company that knows the biz, you will get a message that stands out from the local “dj’s spooky voice”, and it will likely drive more people to your haunt. People will also take your haunt more seriously.

What should you put in your haunted house radio commercial? Setting a mood will be key. A laundry list of all the effects will not be that big of a draw, you need to convince the listener why your haunt is better than everyone else and focus on those main points. At the same time, you should make an offer that the public can’t refuse to pass up! Offer a 2 for 1 or 50% discount if they mention the commercial. Something that is BIG. If you offer a big discount, you will make up for any losses in the volume of people you have coming through. Limit the offer on nights that are typically slower than your big crowd nights.

Follow some of these steps and you will have plenty of funds built up for an even bigger and better haunt season next year!

I help haunted house’s pack their lines and wallets through haunted house radio commercials and haunted house radio advertising. If I can help call me direct at (231)468-9972.

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