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Business owners have a choice when communicating their marketing message to their audience. They can either deliver sales messages using an approach called selling-based marketing in which they deliver messages that focus on selling their company, product or service. Or an owner can use an education-based marketing approach where the goal of the business owner is to deliver educational content that focuses on educating their audience about the important things the prospect needs to know about their industry, product or service.

What would you rather have, a business owner SELLING you something, or a one that EDUCATES you about their product or service?

In my experience people love to buy, buy they hate to be sold. The biggest challenge in today’s society is that there are so many messages coming at us everyday, (12,000 by some counts) that people tend to resist when someone tries to push them because psychologically they feel that they are losing control.

Education-based marketing puts the control back where it should be… in the hands of the buyer, or prospect and allows them to decide if the information is relevant enough for them to take the next step in the buying process.

I suggest business owners only use Education-Based marketing when communicating with their audience for the following reasons:

  • You give prospects what they want… information and advice.
  • You remove what they don’t want… a sales pitch.
  • You establish yourself as a business expert because prospects view you as a provider of information.
  • You will normally reach a prospect at a very early point in the decision-making process.
  • You make it easy for prospects to take a very easy, low-risk step such as down-loading a free report from your website.
  • You establish credibility, trust and position yourself as the expert in your field because you’re not trying to “sell” anything, only offering valuable information.
  • You differentiate your business from your competitors that continue to use the selling-based marketing approach.

Your education-based messages can be delivered in many ways. Some of the most common are free reports or white papers delivered either via mail or on a business owners website. The goal of free reports and white papers is to educate business owners about the things they need to know in order to grow their businesses.

Hopefully, once a prospect reads the report, they will engage with you further at some point in the future… when they are READY. And this is really the point isn’t it? With an education-based marketing approach, the business owner doesn’t “push” a prospect to purchase from them, they only educate them so that when the prospect is ready to purchase they think of the business owner that helped them by educating them about what they needed to know.

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