Earn "Top-of-Mind" by Reaching to the Bottom Drawer

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After losing a speech competition that I really wanted to win, my travel back home to my family was somber.  I had hoped that I would be able to burst through the door and proudly display my trophy to my wife and two kids.  There was no trophy this time; I was coming home empty handed.

As I came through the door, my six-year-old son came up to me and handed me a trophy that he made me.  Constructed from cardboard and colored with a yellow crayon, my son had written “Best Daddy Trophy” in big letters.  As he handed me the gift he had made, he said, “I wanted to make sure you had a trophy Daddy.”

This gift still remains one of my most cherished items proudly displayed on my desk.  It was a different kind of gift; it was a gift from the heart.

Gifts, and the act of giving gifts to those who matter so much to us, remain one of the best ways to reach out to those who do business with us and to those who we want to do business with us.  This fact is undisputed, yet rarely practiced in the course of everyday business. 

There is no better way to set appointments, keep the sales process going, and establish a personal connection with those who support our business, than by giving gifts – yet few of us do it.  Why?  We don’t give gifts often enough because we are looking through clouded eyes.

Look at the reasons we fail to give gifts as a regular part of our everyday business from the eyes of an innocent six-year-old:

Perceived Challenge: Not enough time for gift giving

Sure, we all wish we had more time, but if you were to look at this perceived challenge with a fresh set of eyes, you would quickly see that we also waste a lot of time.  We approach gift giving as if it were something that required a lot of time – it isn’t. 

Instead of wasting those ten minutes before an important meeting, reach into your drawer and “gift someone.”  If you were to add up all of the little blocks of time that you waste throughout your day, you would have several hours per week that simply are not being used.  They aren’t being used because it isn’t enough time to start a new project, but it is still valuable time that can be used to increase the volume of “touches” you have with those who “can say yes to you.”

Perceived Challenge: Gifts are expensive

Gifts are only expensive when you are looking at them through worn out eyes.  Look at gifts from the eyes of a six-year-old and you’ll be able to magically redefine what a gift is.  As I was reminded, a gift is valuable when it comes from the heart. Now, you aren’t about to create a cardboard trophy with the words “Best Customer Trophy” written on it in crayon.  However, take a moment and consider why that gift was so valuable.  It took time, creativity, and energy to produce it.  These three valuable components made the gift valuable, not to mention the fact that my son thought enough of me to put his time, creativity, and energy into creating a gift for me.

You have these three things inside of those wasted ten-minute blocks of time that, until now, were not being used to grow your business.  The adult version of my son’s cardboard trophy is a handwritten card.  The art of the handwritten card has power because you are telling your customer or prospect that you value them enough to take time out of your day to write them a message. 

In much the same manner as me receiving my cardboard trophy, your customers will literally be delighted that you took time out of your busy day to thank them for a conversation you had, that you were glad they continued to be your customer, or that you are grateful for the opportunity to earn their business. 

These handwritten gifts are inexpensive, and they are more valuable than most gifts that you can send.  The beauty is that you can send them often, and you will instantly find you hold a coveted place in their mind – the top of their mind.

As you create and protect this space in the top of their mind, you will receive all of the benefits that come with this esteemed position.  Perhaps the easiest to understand is that you’ll receive the phone call when it comes time for them to make a purchase.  Now that is something you can burst through the door with and show your family! 

How can I make sure I’m set up for success?

You now have the ability to allow the team of hand writers at Market By Hand to handle all of the work for you. We have put together a system that allows you to send out real handwritten cards either on-demand or on a predetermined schedule.

You can try out the system for yourself absolutely free. You simply go to www.marketbyhand.com, register for a free trial account, and you’ll instantly have free credits and free postage to send out a test card.

Regardless of whether you send out the cards yourself, or you have the experts at Market By Hand send them out for you, we sincerely hope that you’ll fully understand and utilize the power behind these simple and effective marketing techniques. Trust me, your checkbook will thank you.

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