Dynamic Advertising – Is it About Branding Or the Content?

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Digital advertising has to be compelling and certainly attention grabbing, without these two elements the project will be a waste of effort and resources. So, is it about image or the content promoted on these advertising digital posters and the like?

When we speak about dynamic, digital advertising people imagine large displays with clean, sharp ads that are promoting specific products or services. Now recently smaller companies are looking at investing in this unique technology, due to it attracting the audience aged 18 to 30 who understand technology more readily than any other age groups.


There are many options here, as you can contact an ad agency who will create your content however you will pay for their expertise, so it may be more cost effective to have your IT or web developers produce some media using flash formats.

For example a snack bar or coffee shop could have an picture of hot tea with steam rising from the mug (using flash), this will then get the consumers thinking, “I need a warm drink” during the winter months and you can reverse this marketing in summer to uplift the sales of cold drinks. This looks much better than the old printed ads on light boxes above the counters – don’t you think?


No matter where you go, when you go in a shop or restaurant that is trying to enforce their brand, you will notice that the employees are wearing the same uniform that is exclusive to their particular company, take a look at McDonald’s their clothing are the same throughout the world, building on their loyalty and brand.

This is now being deployed in the digital signage industry with the branding of the floor standing advertising digital posters, this encourages customers to use the dynamic advertising solution to sell new products and is excellent avenue in the financial digital signage sector.

Dave offers a range of indoor digital posters that are either wall mounted or floor standing as well as manufacturing a range of outdoor LCD enclosure for outdoor digital signage protection.

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