Dumping The Boring Trade Show Booths: Making Your Display Stand Out

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Standing out amongst a crowd of other trade show exhibits can be difficult. There are distractions coming at attendees from all directions so savvy exhibitors know they need to add some sparkle and pizzazz to their display to get it to stand out. If you’re wondering how to get noticed, this guide’s for you.

Add Some Color To Your Exhibits

A pop of color can be a great way to attract attention. If your exhibit is mostly black and white, add a splash of color to make it stand out. It’s best if this same color is in your company’s logo. Using it throughout your marketing materials will help create a theme that will help your company stick out in the minds of visitors to your displays.

Up The Energy Of Your Employees

Nothing makes attendees run from trade show booths like dull, boring employees. Make sure your employees are full of energy and even consider putting them through an exhibitor boot camp before taking your displays to an event. Employees should be enthusiastic, creative and helpful, but there’s a fine line between enthusiastic and phony. Teach your business’s workers to read each visitor’s demeanor so they can match the energy level of every person who visits your trade show displays.

Make It Fun

Fun always stands out. There are a number of ways to make your booth fun, from games that incorporate prize wheels, or giveaways like scratch off tickets. Depending on your business, you could even incorporate live entertainment such as magicians, puppeteers and more. Consider something like a portable popcorn machine or a cotton candy machine and you’ll have visitors flocking to your display.

Plan Thoughtful Giveaways

Giveaways are important for many companies. Choosing a promotional giveaway that attendees like is an excellent way to attract attention. Giveaways should be useful, but also coordinate with your company’s business. For instance, a paper company can give out note pads, pens or pencils or a technology based company can hand out USB drives, mouse pads or even a wireless mouse. Every item you choose to hand out should be imprinted with your company’s logo, web address, phone number and an email address. You want your contact information to be at your client’s fingertips whenever they use the giveaway from your displays.

Make Your Trade Show Displays Large Enough For Visitors

Small, cramped displays will make nearly any attendee walk on by. If your exhibits are too crowded, people will feel like there isn’t enough room for them to look around and see what your trade show booths have to offer.

Getting noticed can be easier than many companies expect. If you’re getting ready to take your trade show booths to a large-scale exhibition, use these tips to help your company stand out from the crowd. By adding color and energy, making your display fun, planning useful giveaways and leaving room in your booths for all guests, you’ll be creating a welcoming environment that has visitors waiting to visit your trade show booths.

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