Dry Eraser Board Signs For Small Businesses

September 30, 2009 by  Filed under: Advertising 

I think dry eraser board signs are perfect for every small business. Not only are they inexpensive but they also give you the platform to communicate with your customers on a regular basis. You have to engage your customers if you want them to come back. What better way than with a dry eraser board sign?

You can have a new deal everyday with the sign. Encourage your customers to buy more by giving away something free or giving a discount if they spend so much money. People love feeling like they’re getting more for their money. So if you own a restaurant offer your customers free dessert if they spend more than $15 or $20. Or you can have a special day of the week where everyone gets free drinks if they buy a meal.

You have to be creative. You have to come out with new ways to make people want to come into your store. The best way to do this is with a dry eraser board sign. This way you can try out new ideas everyday without going broke. You would simply write an idea on your eraser board sign and see how it performs. If it does good you could try it again at another time, if it doesn’t you can come up with something else.

Once again, it is all about being creative. You have to figure out what your customers want and what will keep them coming back. Offering specials is a great way to do that.

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