Don’t Waste Your Time With Useless Income Opportunities!

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Income. We all need it. Most of us never seem to have enough of it. Our needs for it seem infinite. This is one of the reasons why one of the most searched for items on Google is how to make money online. But, like with most things there is a never ending stream of charlatans who would like to do nothing more than separate us from our hard-earned cash by preying upon our needs to get more income.

When looking at online business opportunities, we are presented with a jaw dropping array of possibilities. We can market our own products, We can market someone else’s products. We can advertise for others. We can write for others. Others can do things for us. On and on and on. While none of these choices or ones like them are in and of themselves bad, we need to focus on 3 essential components that an opportunity needs in order for it to benefit us the most.

The first component that an opportunity needs is to have zero cost. Now, I know this is where most folks say the old adage: It takes money to make money. However, this is the 21st century where most costs of business have been able to be eliminated or severely reduced by technology. Now common sense tells us no business could literally have zero cost. I mean, you need to pay your electric bill. You also need to pay your internet service provider every month. What i mean is the opportunity should not require you to pay any big upfront money before you see any income from it. If it does, SKIP IT.

The second component an opportunity needs to have is the ability to create immediate income. If you can’t see money right away, what good is it to you? Waiting weeks or months before you see any return for your efforts is less than what a 9 to 5 job can do for you. With a job you can see money within 1 to 2 weeks. The opportunity should be able to give you a return on your time and effort in the same day. If it doesn’t, SKIP IT.

A third component an opportunity needs to have is the ability to create residual income. If the business requires you to repeat the same efforts again and again and this is the only way you can get paid, this is no good. An ideal business is where you are sill receiving income 6 months from now or even 6 years from now for the work you did today. It should be a residual income that you build and build until you don’t have to work it anymore. It goes on auto pilot. If it does not do that, SKIP IT.

So, is there an opportunity out there that has zero costs upfront, gives you immediate income, and provides you with residual income for the rest of your life? You bet! It even has a bonus component I didn’t even talk about: The ability to earn residual income from the work of others. Check it out today!

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