Don’t Forget About the Power of Advertising on Television

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Any discussion about how to advertise your business offline should include taking a good hard look at television advertising. Although many cannot afford to pay the freight associated with running an ad for their business during the Super Bowl, all can attest to the fact that no media, under the right circumstances, can have as broad a reach as television advertising. One ad can touch hundreds of millions of people all at one time. One can not think of any other form of advertising that has this huge a potential.

Now not every company is going to be able to afford to advertise in prime time on one of the major networks, but developments over the years, particularly with the advent of cable TV, have made television advertising more affordable than many might think. This is why one is urged to consider looking into this vehicle as a means for how to advertise your business offline. One just needs to stop and observe what is happening with television advertising today to be able to see that there are more opportunities available today than ever before.

With the development of a plethora of cable channels, there are many more opportunities for finding reasonably price commercial airtime. If one takes a close look at what is happening on the television channels today, they will see that the “infomercial” is becoming more and more dominant. Local and national channels are now programming infomercials into off-time-slots in lieu of providing actual programs that would have been typical only a few years ago. Where the network might have run a syndicated version of “The Andy Griffith Show” in one of the slower viewing time slots, they are now running an infomercial for vacuum cleaners, juice-makers or any other variety of products. What this should mean to you and your company is that there is an opportunity to take your advertising to television at an affordable cost in today’s markets.

While looking at how to advertise your business offline and as a viable and necessary option to supplementing the development of online advertising resources, one is advised to consider the lead that has already been taken by many other companies successfully adding television commercials to their repertoire. Offline advertising when taken into consideration collectively (television, radio, magazines and newspapers, mail campaigns, billboards etc.) should be a diversified approach. Focusing on the promotion of the company’s individual branding desires, as well as any specific product or service promotion, one is going to want to try to kill two birds with one stone and do both simultaneously.

Television, being both a visual and auditory medium, is a terrific place to undertake this dual objective. With ads designed to explain the specific product offering while also providing subliminal visual supports tying the product back to the brand, television advertising really lends itself to complex communications during a very short time frame. When one looks at both motive and opportunity, it is very difficult to find a vehicle that comes close to the power of television advertising for promoting your products, services or your business in general.

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