Does My Business Need a Logo?

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When considering where to put your advertising dollar you might wonder whether or not your business needs a logo. It’s tempting to develop a good marketing message and leave it at that. After all, your work should speak for you, right? The fact is, a good logo can enhance your advertising efforts and promote your business much more than you think.

– A good logo sets the tone for your business. It provides customers a way to immediately recognize your products or services in any setting and adds polish and professionalism to all your marketing pieces, packaging and collateral items. A logo is an essential part of the branding process, and a truly memorable one can set you apart from your competitors. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have people ask for t-shirts with your logo on them? Then they become walking advertisements-and proof that your brand is trusted.)

– There are several factors that go into creating a logo for your business. First, what image do you want for your business? Are you in an area that requires a traditional, professional style or can you create something more creative or fun? A law office would not require the same type of logo that a jewelry maker can use. Most logos are one of three types; font-based, illustrative, and abstract. A classic font-based logo is the McDonald’s golden arches-it’s basically a big, yellow M, but it is so well known, you’d never confuse it for anything else. An illustrative logo is generally a direct connect to the name of your business-the Apple Computers’ apple with a bite out of it comes to mind-or it represents a positive aspect of your business, think the “walking fingers” of the Yellow Pages. An abstract logo, like the Nike “swoosh,” can be more difficult to work with, as it can take years for an abstract to become well-connected with a brand.

– You may wish to hire a professional to help you create your logo. A design firm, print shop, or freelance designer can help you develop a look that fits your business. Whether you design it yourself, or get help, you need to remember that this is something that will grace your products and advertising for at least 10 years. In other words, it should be an evergreen design that won’t age poorly. Even major brands rarely change their logos, or if they do, it is generally subtle and over a considerable amount of time.

– Logos should be clear and easy to recognize whether it is on your letterhead, signs, billboards, packaging or pens. A simple, clear design is best-think of the three examples above-that is in only one to three colors and easily recognizable. While it is tempting to go with something colorful and intricate, remember that multi-color printing can get expensive, and subtle shading can disappear when translated to black-and-white or reduced to small size. Try not to copy your competitors-they may have the feel you’d like to convey, but you don’t want your customers confusing you with them.

– Your logo lets consumers know who you are and what your business is in an instant. Careful creation can set you apart from your competitors and make your brand recognizable and trusted for years to come.

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