Document Storage Costs – Know What You’re Buying Into

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Even in a changeable economy like this one, document storage is still a good business to be in. There has been a significant decline in the requirement for storage but because of this, these types of facilities have come up with new ways to make up for the losses in business.

Document storage costs will more often than not look quite straight forward on paper; you’ll be charged per box, by the year or by the month for the storage of the files. However, whether you’ve been advised on the matter or not, there are other charges beyond that you should really take into account and consider before you go ahead with a storage project.

Some make sense and seem fair, but there are others that might seem a little strange. There is of course a charge for collecting the documents from your actual offices or wherever they are stored, however often document storage companies will refuse to take deliveries from other couriers and will only allow you to use their own collection service which can cost more than the average courier would. When you think about it, this could be conceived as quite crafty since it’s a way to bring in more money for the company them self whereas you could be saving money by using a somewhat cheaper service.

There is also more often than not a charge for inventory fees. Inventory fees are charged for putting the boxes containing the documents into some semblance of order so that if they are needed to be located at some point, they can be tracked down fairly quickly. Makes sense, however the charges for this can be very excessive so keep your eye on these types of charges before you sign up for anything.

Then there are charges that are usually involved with remove the documents or extracting documents from the boxes when you require them. A lot of document storage companies don’t allow people to enter their property in order to take back particular documents or boxes and they usually use security reasons for this, however it is actually another good way in which they can make additional income from your storage requirements. In researching we found some hugely excessive prices just for requesting a few documents to be taken from facilities and sent back to us, costs exceeding £30 per document in some cases.

Then there’s the matter of removing the boxes themselves when the time comes to do this. This could be many years from now and prices may change but, again, it’s always best to know that these things might be coming up for you to think about. Release charges can often depend on the company themselves and during our research we didn’t find any companies that were willing to discuss the charges as they tend to change year on year, but if you decide to go ahead with document storage and you sign a contract, it’s most likely that the price on the contract is the one that will be locked in.

As with anything in life, always make sure to double check what you’re signing up for and this is exactly that same with your document storage costs.

If you’d like to see our more detailed report on the costs of document storage, take a look at this document storage costs page to discover more about our findings. We searched through a number of the leading storage companies in the UK to find the prices. Once again, always double check what you’re signing up for and good luck.

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