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Every strategy you implement has a primary objective. Many of them will have a smaller objective or objectives.

When I tell you to do a reactivation campaign… starting with picking up the phone… the main objective is to get your previous patients to schedule with you and come back into your office. I also told you that it would be a small percentage of patients that will actually pull the trigger and make the appointment.

How big or small that percentage of patients is depends on several different variables.

1. How well you treated them while they were in your office. I don’t mean how well you treated them from a clinical standpoint. I mean how “well” you treated them. Did you cater to them and provide an experience unlike any other place they’ve ever been? Not just unlike any other doctors office… but any other place. People love to be pampered.

2. How well you stay in touch with your patients will be the second factor to whether or not they will reactivate with you. The bare minimum for communication with your patients is one time per month. Communicating one time per month won’t gain you any relationship… it will simply maintain the relationship you already have with them. Anything less than one time per month and you are LOSING relationship with them. For every month that you don’t communicate with your patients… you are losing 10% of your relationship with them. No wonder your recall % is so low.

3. How much value you provide for your patients will be another factor in whether or not they decide to say YES… or no to reactivating with you. Part of that value comes in the form of how well you treated them in the office. Did you over deliver? That may or may NOT have anything to do with your fees (fees is another lesson). Value also comes in the form of #2… communication between visits. Did you provide something of value to them in your communication? It’s more than sending out a newsletter that’s all about you and your office. It’s definitely more than a recall postcard. And it’s definitely more than sending out a current promotion you are running.

So if you haven’t done steps 1-3 very effectively… don’t expect to reactivate more than 10-15 percent of your past due patients. But even if that’s all you reactivated… how much of a cash surge would that create for you?

But wait there’s more (poor attempt at an infomercial announcer voice)… the reactivation phone call serves as a way to get your foot back in the door with your patients. It shows them that you still care and that you want to do better. It also gives you a chance to start doing #2 and #3 better. And that can have a long lasting effect. I’ll tell you where you go from here next time.

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