Do Your Employees Like and Respect You?

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How good are you at being a supervisor or manager? I mean objectively, how would you evaluate your skills? Would your employees agree with your evaluation. If a new employee found out you were to be his or her supervisor, would he feel like he had gotten a real break in life – is your reputation that good?

The local newspaper recently carried a column about a man who works as a supervisor in an area hospital. We’ve all heard about supervisors who are disliked by their direct reports, sometimes intensely so. A bad relationship with a supervisor is often given as the primary reason for leaving a job. And we have all read about or gone to workshops where it is explained how good supervisors are supposed to treat their people. What made this story noteworthy however is that here is a real, live supervisor who is actually loved and respected by his direct reports.

I want to share with you some of the things that the employees said about him:

• He’s a strong advocate not only for patients but for his staff as well.
• A great manager in a world where that’s hard to find.
• Extremely knowledgeable
• Proud to say, he’s my boss
• A servant leader
• He’ll do whatever it takes to make things work
• Not just an overseer
• Always positive
• Always finds the brighter side of things with his staff
• Doesn’t have a negative bone in his body

I think it’s easy to see why he’s so well liked and why he was named, “Best Boss, in a recent Job Trends Best Places to Work 2012.” So being a great boss is not just something that academics write about; it can actually happen.

So if you are a supervisor, how do you rate yourself? How do your direct reports rate you? Why would people want to work for you? What do you bring to the table? Is being a popular supervisor the real goal here? No it is not. The issue is that when supervisors are liked and respected, the organization’s mission is more likely to be achieved because turnover will be lower, critical incidents will decrease, the number of employees who are truly motivated and engaged in the organization’s mission will increase, and overall the organization will operate more efficiently…more people will be able to access the organization’s services. Everyone wins!

Recently, we put 24 Leadership Competencies on a grid that makes it easy for you to evaluate your own performance as a staff leader. The grid also allows you to collect the opinions of others about your level of skills in each competency. When completed it will be easy to see which leadership competencies, if any, you need to develop further. Want a copy? We’ll send it to you free of charge. Just send an email and ask for it:

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