Do You Need a Business Plumber?

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Last Monday, having started to settle for the night, I wasn’t able to get off to sleep in my usual head down and mental lights out fashion. Why? Because I was hearing a persistent drip, drip. Must have left a tap running I thought as I grudgingly got out of bed. No, there was water coming through the ceiling from the apartment above mine.

No problem, I thought. It’s just the odd drip now and then. I got out a bucket to collect the water and went back to bed. After a while I was able to ‘not hear’ the drips and drifted off to sleep.

What seemed like seconds later, but was actually in the early hours of the morning I was woken by what sounded like my shower running. Now the drips were a torrent and I had to do something about it. To cut a long story short, I woke my neighbour – grumble, grumble and as a precautionary measure we turned the water off.

Now, days later, I have zebra striped walls where the damp is coming out.

There are a number of morals here for businesses.

  1. Do you actually know if you have a leak in your business? Water had been settling above my head for many days before it actually came through the ceiling. There may have been signs but I didn’t notice them. Have you got your finger on what’s happening in your business?
  2. Have you got a leak that you know about but you’re turning a blind eye to at the moment? Maybe, like I did with the initial drips, you think it doesn’t really matter. But drips could turn to a torrent and your business could be floating away from you and literally going down the drain!
  3. Do you know where to go to find a business plumber? Preferably someone with sufficient experience to notice the drips or the skills to arrest more challenging outflows. I’d like to say that I have a list of people who could help me with the run of domestic issues in my desk but I don’t really.

In the end to stop the bulk of the leak, the water was turned off in the flat above. So here’s another question. What would happen to your business if something major was switched off – like cashflow, critical material or a key member of staff being taken ill?

How long could you survive? What contingency plans do you have in place?

And even now the water stopped, the damp remains, I’m writing this to the charmless hum of a dehumidifier and it will be literally months before my apartment recovers its feng shui.

So, look out for and take care of the leaks in your business.

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