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A corporate trademark acts as a representative of an organization. It is a starting point of the branding process of your organization. It defines the position as well as assertively represents the identity or nature of the business of a company.

Creation and concept of a trademark dates back to the thirteenth century of Greek times. During that time it was looked upon as a symbol of identification of an enterprise. As the years progressed, the concept of branding or brand image was evolved. The company named Shell introduced its trademark as a means of creating a business identity in the market. It was then the concept of brand image got popularized. A brand identity means establishing a positive or desirable image of a company in the mind of the target customers. The concept of the trademark was utilized for the purpose of promotion of a corporation in the market. Entrepreneurs started laying stress on beautifying a company logo.

At present, a corporate logo is designed by following a well-thought process and comprehensive research. A designer should learn to create a trademark in such a way so that it best reflects the image of an organization. It plays a role of a representative of a company. A well-designed graphic symbol is the one which emphasizes on the philosophy, values, core spirit of an organization. The several types of elements in the creation of a graphic symbol are text, color, lines and alignment. There are many companies that prefer using the name of their businesses as a trademark. This is called text-based logo and it is the most easiest to create, reproduce and promote. It is also easy to remember for a prospective customer. Colors, lines and alignment are other vital elements that when perfectly used constitute a trademark. Therefore, you should be carefully creating a trademark for impressive and everlasting promotion.

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