Digital Poster Or Digital Menu Board – What Are the Differences?

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Digital posters and digital menu boards look basically identical, even someone in the dynamic advertising industry sometimes have problems spotting the difference.

Technology is driving digital signage into new locations and this brings with it some potential problems, well not all companies can afford to invest thousands of pounds in dynamic signage, well the two options highlighted can provide the same end results with low investment of time and money, so now any business from car repair shops to dentists can have these in their customer waiting areas.

Digital posters are manufactured for customer reception and waiting areas, so they can provide information to your customers when they are waiting for their meeting or their car. Now we are seeing this solution appear in beauty salons, dentists and even small corner stores.

Why a digital poster?
Picking a digital poster is the entry level for any digital signage solution, as well as being the most cost effective it is also the quickest to set up and configure. No software to configure or code just drag the content you want to use from your digital camera and drop them on to the storage device, then using any text editor produce a list of the images you want in the sequence that you want them to be displayed, then save the file with an xml extension and drop this too on to the storage card.

Displays sizes, range from 20 inches and go up to 40 inches, can be mounted in either vertical or landscape position.

Benefits – affordable, easy to set up, easy to produce a digital signage solution.
Cons – can only display digital images, MPEG video and MP3 audio files.

The media player is a SS solution with no moving parts to break down the number one problem with HDD is the expense related to replacing the moving parts, and this is why a SS solution is the best solution on the market.

Digital menu board.
As the name suggests, these were initially manufactured for displaying eye catching digital menus in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), these come in two sections, the first having a built in media player similar to the digital poster and the second category has an external solid state media player.

Dynamic menu board with an integral media player is very similar to the digital poster, however these come in much larger sizes starting at 32″ to 82 inches, they use the same size memory cards from 64MB to 12 GB, enough for any digital signage campaign.

Alternatively, a commercial LCD display can used and be cabled to an external media player, these are commonly hard wired using Category 5e data cabling back to a central point, due to the way these units are configured, you can add Flash content, such a picture of a hot coffee with steam rising from the cup.

Pros – screens show more impressive content, produces a WOW effect.
Drawbacks – price is more than digital posters, has to be cabled into a network

Dave is the owner of the Worlds leading manufacturer of outdoor digital signage enclosures, this range of LCD enclosure is supplied to integrators throughout the world for DS installations in countries such as Australia, America, Asia and Europe.

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