Differing Opinions Are Healthy For Discussion Of Improvement, But Not Big Fights

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To understand the value of allowing disagreement on teams, one must consider the reason the six sigma team was formed in the first place. The function of the team is to develop and implement changes that lead to improvement. By definition, a team consists of a number of individuals, meaning that input from more than a single person is needed. For maximum team effectiveness, each member must feel free to speak his or her mind without fear of repercussion.

This atmosphere is necessary to get the ideas on the table. Otherwise that one breakthrough idea might never be submitted. One important ground rule should be that, once an idea is shared, it becomes property of the group and no longer belongs to a single individual. The discussion that follows becomes one that focuses on the issues at hand and not the personalities involved.

This can reduce the feelings of rejection and intimidation that a member may experience once the pros and cons are debated. Even a rejected idea may spark a thought from another member that might not have otherwise occurred. This is where the team as a whole becomes greater than the sum total of its parts. Consequently, no contribution to team dynamics should be viewed as a failure.

In order to avoid any kind of major dissension among team members, healthy debate must be allowed. Each person should be able to speak out to prevent one or two individuals from monopolizing the conversation. If people are afraid to share ideas to avoid an argument, it will decrease the team’s productivity. Any members that feel the need to criticize must let others speak. Although it is difficult for everyone on a team to come to a totally mutual agreement on something, everyone on the team should accept others’ opinions and at least give them the floor to share their thoughts, even if they don’t gel with everyone involved.

The bottom line is that Six Sigma’s concepts are not that hard to understand and will provide good results. Some people might find this process to be a little daunting at first. But the process is actually simple to understand and helpful in the long run.

Because Six Sigma works so well within a business setting, it makes perfect sense that Six Sigma can be applied to individuals’ personal lives as well. If you’ve been trying to get your life in order but never thought you could, try using these concepts and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. If you own a business or just want to improve your life, turn to Six Sigma’s principles and things will definitely turn around for you if you stick to what is recommended within these philosophies.

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