Different Promotional Gift Ideas to Promote Your Company

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Giving key chains or pens is an old idea. These run of the mills gifts are greatly unsuccessful in grabbing the attention of your target audience. Hence you must do something really novel.

Customers love to know that you care about them and their family. Hence you must always send out thoughtful gifts at special occasions. You could send a cup cake and a personalized greeting card on the birthday or anniversary of your client. They will be touched that you took to remember this special occasion for them. Besides this, you hand out personalized pocket diaries to the clients with their name and designation printed on it. Another interesting gifting idea is giving a box of handkerchiefs with your client’s initial inscribed on it.

Along with all these gifts, you could send in a letter explaining in brief about your company. If you are looking to handing out gifts which are not expensive, then you should consider ordering the gifts in bulk. You could hand out cool luggage tags to people, along with golf balls with your company’s name inscribed on it, mouse pads, smiley badges and so and so forth. If you sit down and think, you will come out with more innovative ideas.

You should always try to link the promotional gift with your company. The gift should have great recall value and people should always remember your company’s name. Hence it is imperative you do something different and creative. You could also give out credit card covers, unique shaped emery boards, and candies with the wrapper featuring your company name. safari sunglasses, calendars, mints, pretzels, individual cookie packets, witty bumper stickers, book marks, files, balloons, uniquely shaped key chains and smiley stickers also make a great giveaway, especially if you are handing out these gifts in a mall.

Searching on the internet for great gifting ideas is a must for you. You can visit the sites which sell promotional gift items and go through the products they have on offer. Even if your budget is low, you must remember to give a high quality product so that you don’t come across as a cheapskate. Always ask the company to provide you with a sample of the promotional gift. always check that the product is made according to your needs and requirements.

You should always ensure that you get your money’s worth. So keep these tips in mind and ensure that you spend your money wisely. Never go overboard while spending money on promotional gifts. You must allocate some part of your budget for it but not all. So go ahead and give some great promotional gifts and generate a positive buzz around your company.

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