Developing Four Leadership Qualities Through Project Management Courses

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Because they’re placed in a position of authority, project managers (PMs) are expected not to abuse their power and rise above their weaknesses to become effective leaders. The qualities of a responsible and dependable leader can be developed by taking project management courses.

The pressures and responsibilities placed on a PM can be overwhelming. Despite the best of intentions, projects can fail and resources get wasted. Stress and work-related problems can lead to miscommunication and conflicts among team members.

Fortunately, quality training can help PMs become more capable and responsible leaders. Although not for everyone, project management courses that focus on ethics and morality for PMs can help participants learn how they can develop the following leadership qualities:

Integrity is shown by PMs who act according to their stated moral convictions. Many leadership crises begin when leaders act hypocritical and move contrary to the organization’s mission. The loss of integrity parallels a loss of trust which can endanger the project’s and organization’s success.

Teamwork is a skill that enables PMs to unite individuals into a cohesive group for a common goal. There are leaders that rely on their role to delegate majority of their tasks to subordinates and then later on claim credit for the team’s success. This creates disgruntled and rebellious subordinates that may sabotage the project team out of spite. Through teamwork, a PM is able to delegate tasks and reward the contributions of others appropriately.

Dedication is concerned with the quality and quantity of effort that a PM makes to contribute to the success of his project. It highlights his contributions, as well as the risks he takes to complete projects. Dedication can inspire workers to raise their productivity, while a lack of this quality can encourage poor behavior.

Self-Development refers to the PM’s willingness to improve and learn. Each person is responsible for his own development and his career, and it’s not easy for someone to recognize his mistakes and rise above them. Project management courses that focus on ethics and morality allow PMs to reflect and take responsibility for their past actions, and learn from their mistakes as well as the experiences of others.

A PM must understand the ethical and moral problems that his profession faces daily and learn how to surpass them. Sometimes it takes considerable moral introspection and realization of one’s faults. But in return, he can work on perfecting his leadership qualities and raise his professional reputation.

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