Developing Client Relationships at Sporting Events (Corporate Hospitality)

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In today’s age of hyper connectivity, it’s easy to assume that we are all a little bit closer to each other in our business relationships. Our clients are all just one mouse click, SMS or phone call away. We may keep top of mind with each other via Twitter or LinkedIn. All this connectivity, whilst affording more regular and convenient contact, is slowly eroding the amount of face to face time we spend in our business relationships. It also means that your competitors have the same easy access to your valuable clients. But how can you and your organisation rise above the digital cacophony and be the one your client wants to do business with?

Corporate Hospitality encompasses the age-old tradition of breaking bread with someone. To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people. Is is something that cannot be replicated over the phone or in a business meeting sense, no matter how charming you or your competition happen to be.

Sharing a special moment at a popular sporting or cultural event whilst enjoying a nice meal and a few glasses of wine can solidify your relationships with your clients in a way that very few other settings can. Should you choose to undertake some client entertainment, it is vital that you choose the right setting for this. For example if you take your clients to a restaurant and secure some general admission tickets in the stands, your client might not feel so special. This would especially be the case if you were seated near unruly or intoxicated people at the game, concert or show. You might not get to spend much time talking to your guests as you are continually lining up to get drinks for them. A corporate box however provides a private and comfortable setting, where your guests are able to relax, ensuring that you are afforded time to talk and get to know your client a little bit better. Being served food and drinks to you in your seat means you don’t have to worry about the little things, as someone will be there to take care of it.

In essence, when it comes to corporate hospitality at sporting events it is crucial to choose the right package so that the exercise doesn’t become counter productive. Packages such as corporate boxes will ensure that you are in a position to strengthen those important client relationships.

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