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Developing leaders is a part of succession plan for any organization. And the fact is, this is very important to have the plan in place early so that the organizations can circumvent crisis at a later stage. All organizations take up leadership development activities in small steps although may be unknowingly. E.g. when a senior person recognizes the special skills of a junior and provides that person with the experiences and training to help the junior person develop and flourish. Though this is somewhat ad-hoc process but that still works to some extent and to some level. It is a known fact that not everyone can become a leader. Thus it is apparent that the actual talent be identified and identified early which can be cultivated well gradually. The talents can be spotted right if it is known what to look for in them.

Leadership ability is developed through practice and self-correction of-course with some guidance- direct or indirect. People who have the talent for leadership must develop it. Their development is accelerated when each new job lets them built their core capabilities and gain new ones. Also they must be given proper feedback is timely, precisely and constructive manner. Then it is onto the hands of the future leaders to act and practice. Repetitive practice of core skills polishes their decision-making apt and paves way for innovative ways to lead.

Also another aspect of good leadership development is that future leaders should be immersed in complex jobs.
Thus as they sort these out they also master to deal with those. This in fact is the most important step for them to learn as to how to deal with difficult situations and handle those with precision.

These are the theories which are the foundation of an approach to leadership development that focuses on spotting leaders early and putting them in situations that drive them to grow fast. There are other systematic ways also where future leaders are being trained with some everyday tasks fully amalgamated with the business model. They carry out each task, get feedback, make corrections and repeat the task. And this practice makes them perfect. This is designed to give each promising leader the opportunities that are right for her/him. It is then judged how fast and accurately they can learn and handle those new jobs.

This training helps the promising leaders learn the business nuances in a fast and gradual way and help bring the best out of them.

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