Designing Catalogs For the Masses

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Do you want to design cheap catalogs for the masses? While it may sound very simple to design catalogs for massive amounts of people, there are still a few important ideas and techniques that you should know to maximize your designs for these types of printed catalogs. You must display the best information that people need into your cheap catalogs so that they will find the catalogs useful and use them correctly. In this article, I will share with you five great ways on designing catalogs for the masses.

Being proud of the prices. One good thing about a mainstream catalog design is that you can be really proud of your prices. In broad target markets, your focus should usually go to middle class and lower class citizens, which make up the bulk of society. Most of us, usually like cheap or affordable deals when buying products and services. So for catalogs, it really is very useful to be proud of your affordable prices and display them prominently for each product. This makes it easier for people to find the most crucial information that most really want and that is the price. So if you want a good design that appeals to the masses, print your affordable prices in large and eye catching text into the catalog.

Always displaying the savings. Also, it is a great idea to display some financial facts about the savings that people get when they buy products from the catalog. This involves always displaying how much money savings you will get when you buy a certain product. Messages like “save 20$” or “10$ less than other brands” are just a few examples. These “saving” phrases are great at encouraging your mainstream consumers to buy more of your products since most of them like the idea of savings. So if you can, try to add this aspect of catalog printing to your strategy and designs.

Promoting product packages. Product packages are also great at encouraging consumers in a color catalog. Product packages are basically those bundled up pricing strategies that offer a lot of savings if people buy a certain group of things. Packages are often a source of savings for most people, while at the producers end it is a way of getting extra sales as well. That is why these kinds of promotions for product packages work well with cheap catalogs. So if at all possible it is good have this feature included in your catalog designs.

Using simple and direct descriptions. Now, on the text content itself, a good catalog for the masses must always talk in simple and direct descriptions. There is no room in cheap catalogs for flowery words. It is all about functionality and getting the crucial information to the catalog readers that need it. So make sure that everything is simple and direct so that people will not get bored easily with too much writing.

Easy catalog layouts. Finally, in terms of the layout itself, it is best to have a catalog design that has a very easy layout. People must have no trouble in reading your catalogs and every position of the images and text must follow a simple pattern. This minimizes the confusion that a lot of people might experience as they read through massive catalogs with several pictures and descriptions.

So that is how you design catalogs for the consumer masses. It must be oriented specifically for savings and simplicity.

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