Dental Practice Marketing – Google Places Offers Quick, Easy, and Free Access to the Top of Google

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If your dental practice marketing efforts do not currently target Google Places, you are losing out in a big way by forfeiting a lot of free and easy-to-win business to other dentists who are either lucky – in some markets simply having a Google Places Page with the right keyword in the title is good enough to get traffic – or who have at least made a modicum level of effort to ensure that Google Places is a core part of their dental practice marketing efforts.

Google Places could easily be the best investment of time and effort any dental practice marketing practitioner makes – be it a do-it-yourself dentist-as-marketer or a consultant or agency that offers dental practice marketing services – for three very good reasons:

1. It’s free to list a business with Google Places.

That’s right, unlike all other dental practice marketing efforts, Google Places doesn’t have to cost a cent – and it doesn’t have to take up much time. You can claim your Google Places Page (odds are good that it already exists because Google creates them automatically for most businesses) in a matter of minutes and you can effectively manage your account by spending only about a half-hour per week on it.

2. People in need of dental services are heavy users of the Google search engine.

Check out the search volume (taken straight from Google’s free Keyword Selection Tool) for just five keywords people use to find dentists, dental practices, and dental procedures in the city of Houston:

  • 8,100 monthly searches for the phrase “dentist Houston”
  • 6,600 monthly searches for the phrase “Houston dental”
  • 3,600 monthly searches for the phrase “dentist in Houston”
  • 2,900 monthly searches for the phrase “Houston dentist”
  • 1,300 monthly searches for the phrase “teeth whitening Houston”

That’s 22,500 searches for just five keywords – out of dozens or, possibly, hundreds – that people use to find dentists, dental practices, and dental procedures in the city of Houston every single month (and it’s highly likely that you’ll find similar results in your city, wherever that may be).

3. It’s usually somewhere between “extremely easy” and “relatively easy” to capture a position at the top of Google’s organic search results with a Google Places listing, depending on the market you’re in.

Since the first page of search results captures about 90% of the clickstream for every keyword search (with more than half of all clicks going to the first three search results), the first page is the only place you want to be. And since Google serves up Google Places Pages as part of their three-pack, seven-pack, or ten-pack of local business listings that only ever appear on the first page of search results, a Google Places Page can give you the opportunity to capture a share of the clickstream for a number of high-value keywords.

When you put it all together – free and easy + huge consumer demand + easy rankings – you should really be able to begin to appreciate the benefits of adding Google Places to your dental practice marketing program.

Dental practice marketing is a high stakes endeavour – when it works well, the returns can be great. When it tanks, the costs can also be great.

Dawson Barber is a local business marketing expert who blogs about local online marketing in general and dental practice marketing in particular. Make sure you visit his Local Business Marketing blog to learn more about how you can put your dental practice marketing efforts on the fast-track to success.

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