Delegating With Direction

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How to Assign Tasks to the Right People, and Let go of Doing Everything Yourself

It’s certainly not an easy thing to run your own business. If the idea of keeping on top of everything on your own seems daunting, then just imagine how difficult it’s going to be when you have employees and need to let go of control and assign trust. You could go out of your mind or, if done incorrectly, your business could go under.

It’s certainly lonely at the top sometimes, and every major decision is going to fall on you. The trick in all of this is to make your biggest decision – hiring people – wisely.

Truthfully, you’re probably going to be hiring people even if you’re planning on operating the entire business by yourself. Just imagine you’re setting up a website business to be an affiliate and are aiming eventually to be a super-affiliate. You still need a website, you still need marketing you still need employees. Do you trust these people to do the right thing by you? How can you ever be sure that they’ll do the type of work you actually need? This is when it’s imperative that you take full control and always be precise in exactly what you need and what you expect out of people. Delegating might not be anyone’s strong suit by nature, but entrusting others is an important part of business.

Direction becomes the key here. First and foremost, you need to have a very clear plan of what you need for a project. Remembering it will not do in this case; take your time to write it down, even if you’re only dealing with a few talking points and some basic ideas. You need to make a reference so you can properly communicate your wishes with the right people for the job.

Whoever you’re hiring, be it a freelance worker or a full-time employee, some background is crucial. Not only do you need to see a person’s particular references and work history to know what type of employee they are, but you’ll also need to gauge a person’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

This is your business. To that end, it’s more important than their job. This isn’t a cruel way to look at it; this is reality. You are not obligated to hire anyone, and turning someone down if you don’t think they have what it takes to work for you is something you should do without hesitation.

When you find the right person for you, you will then need to map out a clear course of action. Explain what you need, and if the person can’t understand it or can’t give it to you, then this person is obviously not right for the job.

However, you should also learn not to expect too much. This person isn’t going to be you. The vision might not be met exact and the scheduling may hit some bumps in the road at times. A good working relationship is imperative, so some room for minor error is always encouraged.

Above all else, it’s about trusting yourself as much as you trust the other person. You have to decide to let the job go and trust that it will be completed to your liking after hiring the right person.

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