Defining Your Marketing Program by Discovering Your Strengths

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Finding and building on your chief strengths is one of the best things you can do as a marketer. This will add an additional dimension of momentum and focus to your marketing program. Don’t get caught up in the shortcomings, the key here is to build on your strengths in everything you do and to always think about what you can do well for the potential customer. An example of this would be, your customer feels that your product is too expensive compared to your larger competitors and you might also feel that your brand is not as well known as theirs. This is the bad news. The good news might be the existing customers that you do have are very loyal because of your service and the fact that they like your product. Build on this strength by rewarding referrals or creating a customer loyalty program. You could even include testimonials on your web site and in your marketing materials. This is one way to build your strength, outflank your competition and overcome weaker brand recognition and higher prices.

By clearly defining your advantage and special strengths, you can build a solid campaign, making you stand out from the competition. Take a few extra moments and think about what your strengths are and clearly communicate that with your customers every time you talk with them. If your not sure what the are, take out a pen and a piece of paper and finish this sentence: My product or service is special because… This would be your unique selling proposition or USP, as some marketers would refer to it. It ought to differentiate you from your competition and make your product unique in the eyes of the customer.

Define Your Marketing Program

Customers only act based on what they perceive they see. The very success of your business will come down to this. “Perception is everything”, is probably a term you’ve heard over used by the advertising and marketing gurus. This is because your marketing plans must be defined by your customers, not you. Your marketing program is based on the big picture you have for driving success in your business. All the coordinated activities and tactics that come together to implement that vision is your marketing program. Writing these things up in a marketing plan will make both the program and strategy crystal clear.

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