Customized Magnets – A Great Business Tool

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Anyone in business for themselves knows that branding themselves with their business name is important. This is especially important for someone just launching a new business. Whether it is a large business with a lot of employees or a one man operation, various business tools such as business cards and even customized magnets are a start.

The nice thing about customized magnets is it puts your name in front of current as well as potential clients. And while handing out your own business card is an option many get misplaced or thrown away. A magnet on the other hand is like giving potential clients a freebie, a gift that they can use to hold important things on their refrigerator. This magnet will also keep your business name in front of those clients.

Of course, having an advertising budget is important and yours may be small. If that is the case then keep it simple by getting inexpensive business cards and can create your own magnets by applying magnetic tape that can be cut to size (magnetic tape can be found in office supply stores). Then, as your business grows and your budget allows you can get more professional customized magnets made.

Several Customized Magnet Choices
There are plenty of choices for customized magnets that you can use for your business. Besides business card magnets, calendar magnets for the new year are a great promotional item to give away during the holidays. For example, if you own a brick and mortar craft shop and set up at craft shows around the holiday season you could give each customer that makes a purchase a free calendar magnet with the name and location of your business on it. Since they bought from you once you know that chances are good that they will buy again so let them know where they can find you for future purchases.

Of course, to make this cost effective save the more expensive magnets for those who make larger purchases and maybe give a less expensive business card or business card magnet to lookers and to those who make smaller purchases.

Whether you choose business card magnets, calendar magnets or other unique magnets, customized magnets are a great way to build a new clientele while keeping your name in front of current customers.

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