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Custom Promotional Products are not limited to things that people use. They also include items that people wear. Marketing professionals must discard their traditional way of thinking when determining how to best reach a target audience. Pens and key chains are still available but apparel and accessories are now offered to complement these. People receiving wearable promos recognize how much a company wants their business.

Different Types of Wearable Custom Promotional Products

Shirts are arguably the most commonly requested promotional items because everyone can wear them. Businesses order imprinted t-shirts designed for leisure wear, performance shirts for athletic use, and sweatshirts designed for cool weather conditions. Consumers wear these shirts in public, promoting the business at no charge. Some companies select imprints that are designed to spark a conversation, hoping the mere act of discussing the business will imprint it in prospect minds.

Hats are other promotional favorites and they are available for men, women, and even children. Styles range from baseball caps, to knit hats, to wide-brimmed hats designed for sun protection. Marketers rest assured that everyone will see the company logo or name on the front or back of the hat. Many a new customer has been gained from marketing the company via a logoed cap. Even company representatives wear these when they are on the golf course or on a business flight.

Rain gear like jackets and ponchos may be more expensive than pens but it is also more visible. People wear this gear to public gatherings like sporting events, advertising the company via an imprinted logo or name in the chest area. This imprint is strategically placed at eye level so it will be seen. Weather conditions may be unfavorable, but this gear will continue to advertise.

Deciding Which Wearable Custom Promotional Products Are Best

Individuals in charge of corporate promotions should review the complete line of wearable custom promo items before deciding on any. They may miss a great opportunity to advertise the business simply due to being unaware. For example, some marketers do not realize that umbrellas can be customized. If the target audience resides in a rainy climate, this is a missed opportunity. It is important to consider all aspects of the target group when selecting promos.

Other items are overlooked simply because they are small. An imprinted lanyard may seem too small to be effective but when you consider that people wear these every day to hold company access badges, the chance of them being noticed increases dramatically. Not only will the person wearing it internalize the name of the company, but others will also take notice and make a mental note.

When deciding on promo apparel, it is also important to consider the age and gender of the targeted customer base. If the company sells equipment or products designed for the elderly, a bandanna may not be the best choice. Along the same vein, businesses catering to men should not use makeup cases as promotional items. Understanding characteristics of the audience enables marketers to select the best wearable promos. features a vast selection of wearable custom promotional products for any business. Featuring such custom promotional products as fleece’s, baseball caps, t-shirts, and lanyards, you can literally have your brand walking all over town! For more information, visit our website today!

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